As in my last post, below are photos of all of the Trap Team figures and traps available at yesterday’s Wave 2 launch at Toys R Us.  Most Toys R Us locations received plenty of the new Trap Master and Core figures but some only had a limited amount of new traps on hand.  As many of the new traps were packed only 1 per box, you may have to travel to several locations or wait for the wider launch of Wave 2 with other retailers this Sunday in order to obtain a complete set.

While not part of Wave 1 or 2, most Toys R Us locations distributed a limited volume of the standard Kaos trap with Wave 2.  At this time, I have seen no reports of anyone finding the Mirror of Mystery Adventure Pack available for sale even though it was listed as being officially part of Wave 2.

Trap Team Wave 2 Complete

Wave 2 Complete

Wave 2 Traps Complete

Wave 2 Traps

Core - Tread Head

Tread Head

Core - Fist Bump

Fist Bump

Core - Full Blast Jet Vac (S3)

Full Blast Jet Vac (S3)

Core - Hog Wild Fryno (S2)

Hog Wild Fryno (S2)

Core - Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz (S3)

Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz (S3)

Trap Master - Bushwhack


Trap Master - Head Rush

Head Rush

Trap Master - Lob Star

Lob Star