First Released: 1986
Last Released: 1987

Included Accessories: Star shaped brush, yellow ribbon.

Mimic: Twinkle Eyed Pony - Unicorn

Mimic: Twinkle Eyed Pony – Unicorn

Hasbro released two runs of Twinkle Eyed Ponies.  Instead of the regular painted eyes, the Twinkle Eyed Ponies had a plastic gem in place of their iris and pupil, and they only came with the basic brush/ribbon accessories every pony came with.  Mimic was part of the second run between 86-87, along with Squeakers, Locket, and others.     Mimic was a lime green unicorn, with hair in stripes of red, yellow, pale pink and green, and a red parrot for her cutie mark, which in the 80’s were just called symbols.

At some point as an adult, I had to admit to myself that the MLP cartoon I had loved as a child was really little more than an extended commercial for the toys.  As opposed to the strategy today of mostly offering only the Mane 6, it was an exciting day for my sister and I when we found one of the main characters in the store, or if one of our toy ponies showed up in the cartoon.  Mimic was in the show once, in the episode “Golden Horseshoes” which aired in 1987.  She became ill and the twinkle in her eyes faded to regular irises.  She was cured by putting on the Golden Horseshoes from the title.

Mimic’s pose is somewhat awkward.  She stands with three feet on the ground, and one knee up and bent, with her head held aloft, looking up, as if expecting something to fall on her.  She stands on her own just fine, but most larger dolls don’t sit or “ride” easily and have to be held.  This is even called the “Mimic Pose.”   Hasbro may have decided this was awkward as well, as the pose is used very infrequently.

Retro Rating:  9/10

There really isn’t such a thing as a “bad” My Little Pony.  Who cares if the pose is awkward, Mimic was on TV, and there’s not a Lego person in the world who will ride a My Little Pony without help.     She was also not “girly” pink and purple.   Also, unicorns are much better than Earth Ponies.

Modern Rating: 8/10

While the new ponies are much more graceful, there’s something to be said about the “chunkiness” of the G1 ponies.  They’re a little easier to handle, and a little hard to knock over (awkward poses not withstanding).  After all, all the dolls have to held on if the pony is going to “gallop.” Mimic had a very limited run, and consequently is one of the rarer G1 ponies.   Being on TV seems less impressive now.   Friendship is Magic has spoiled me for quality, characterization and well thought out canon, and now Mimic’s episode just leaves more questions than answers.  What made Mimic sick?  What did the Golden Horseshoes do for her?  Why was it important that she was descended from a “special unicorn” and did this contribute to her illness?   What purpose do the twinkle eyes serve?  What made Mimic’s ancestor so special…?  Questions that can never be answered.