We started PGS with the goal of producing games related content that would appeal to game fans of all ages. We wanted to create a safe, fun community where kids could interact and that parents could trust. In the few months that we’ve been online we have met some amazing people and built a small following on our twitch channel and our minecraft server, and we’ve learned a lot about what people seem to want from our community.

In June our family had to take a break from the action to move into a new house, and we’re finally settled in and ready to get back down to business! But we wanted to take time during that break to rethink some aspects of our branding.

It turns out kids don’t really like things that are associated with parents. Shocker, right? Our old name, Parental Gaming Suggested, just didn’t have that “cool” factor that kids are looking for. While our goal is not necessarily to appeal directly to kids, we know that kids are always going to be a big part of our audience so we spent hours trying to come up with a new name for our site, and we landed on mini KABOOM!

What does mini KABOOM! mean? KABOOM! is an action word, you see it in comics, games, and other entertainment, and it’s all about excitement and big things happening. The “mini” part implies that we’re small, but we intend to make a big impact. There’s no hidden meaning or agenda with this name, it is all about having fun. This name is Abby-approved as being “awesome” and “fun,” which is all I really need to know.

Our commitment to provide safe, fun, family-friendly community remains unchanged. We will continue to stream. We look forward to making our minecraft server even better in the coming year. We have some exciting ideas of new content to bring you now that our brand allows us a little more room to be creative.

We’re also gearing up for a MAJOR fundraising push as we draw ever-closer to the Extra Life Stream-a-thon on Oct. 25th. We appreciate anything you can do to help us raise money for this event. We could use your donations, your publicity, and your “follows” on our twitch channel which will help us find a bigger audience with our streams.


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Thanks, and stay tuned.